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ASCOMARK is a leading player in the Africa building materials space, with a East Africa operational and marketing presence. Synonymous with cement, we have established our reputation as a pioneer organisation that has consistently set new benchmarks with our innovative research and product development. With our experience and expertise spanning over decades, we have actively contributed to Africa progress.

The world of Ascomark Cement is one without boundaries – changing and challenging every day. We make cement and through it we touch lives of millions of people every day. From the house you live in, the roads you to drive on, to the bridges you cross, we strive to deliver unparalleled quality through our customized products and value-added solutions.

We are steadily enhancing our capacity, diversifying our range of product, ushering in advanced technology and quality assurance, and above all, expanding our presence nationally and internationally.

Our brands continue to enjoy the trust of millions of consumers for the quality and innovation benchmarks that we have attained.

Superior products and a strong brand name, an extensive marketing and distribution networks and the technical know-how represent ASCOMARK abiding strengths

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